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Permits & Electronic PC

We are very excited to announce we have integrated our Building Permit software with e-PlanSoft and their electronic plan review (EPR) solution.  Don’t think you can afford electronic PC?  Give us a call.

Code Enforcement

We created the most intuitive and easy to use case management software on the market.  “Code” was built by Code Enforcement and Building Official professionals to bring you an easy to use solution.

MS4 Stormwater

Our NPDES stormwater solution is our latest software title to get an upgrade.  This database is heavily geared toward the mobile inspector so that all  stormwater inspections can be performed from the field on an iOS device.

20 – 50%
Reduction in Plan Check Times
With Electronic Plan Check

Just by reducing the number of physical trips to and from government offices and by making these services available 24/7/365.  ePC further allows municipalities to shift resources to areas of greater need.




Our Permit app is a extremely easy to use. Mostly because our geeky programmers double as Building Officials.  They often say the Building Code is getting more complicated with every code cycle, so why use complicated software too?


Your staff can look like superstars with our Code Enforcement module.  This case management app is built around being mobile and you truly can get more done is less amount of time.  Who wouldn’t want to go home early, right?


Don’t let stormwater get you down! Our NPDES MS4 inspection app will lift your spirits as the custom iPad inspection screens will easily make your day… Even when you tell someone to clean up their mess while you use the app.

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Please fill out the form on the right side to request a demonstration of any of our modules.  We would be happy to set up an online meeting and show you what we have.  If you don’t have a keyboard that allows you to fill out the form, feel free to call us at 1-800-605-3980.  We also accept emails to

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