Electronic Plan Check Customer Web Site

Question: What is the Customer Web Site of the Electronic Plan Check (ePC) system?

Answer: It is the public interface where the uploading/downloading of plans and payment of plan check fees take place.

Not much gets mentioned about the customer web site, often called customer portal, that is provided by companies that sell ePC services.  The reason for this is because companies don’t spend a lot of time on the customer experience and these web site are awful.

We feel the customer experience is extremely important and that this web site must be of top notch quality.  It is possibly the only thing that the homeowner, architect or contractor interacts with during the plan check process, so it should be really good.

Hip slick and cool web sites are easy to create these days.  But hip slick and cool web sites that interact with building permit systems and ePC systems are nonexistent… except for our customer web site.  We all have used those web sites that are difficult to navigate, not compatible with a particular browser or shady enough to make you wonder whether you credit card is going to be stolen.

Our web site provides a top notch customer experience that is easy to navigate, quick to work through and provides the latest drag and drop capabilities with the highest of credit card security.  In fact, we don’t see or keep any credit card data, as we provide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance by programming the credit card processor’s payment gateway right into our site.

Lastly our customer web site can be branded with a city/county seal or logo and your city/county colors.  We have taken a lot of pride in developing this customer web site to make it the best for your constituents.