Cities are required to collect a lot of data. Because of this, our mad scientist have built a few basic stand alone apps that can help sort all of this data.  If you don’t find an app here you could use, feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs.

Contractor Business License
Do you need to keep track of Contractor’s and their license and insurance, but don’t have a full Business License program?  This is an app we developed to help cities tackle this work.

Contractor Business License

Plan Check Tracking
Track any kind of plan check for Building and Safety, Planning, Water Quality, etc.  Show the current status, who is plan checking the plan and even upload correction sheets or the plans themselves.

Plan Check Tracking

Message Establishment Licenses
We’ve learned that keeping track of the mass influx of massage establishments has been a hassle.  This app collects basic data on the business, records a fee paid for the license and prints a certificate.

Massage Establishment License

Receipt System
We built this one and then our client backed out.  So we have a fully backed receipt system that can record a bunch of fees for the entire city, collect payment data and print a receipt.  This app can be integrate with our permit system if your city does not have any kind of cashiering system.

Future Apps Currently In The Labs
  1. Plan Check Correction Sheet
    • Write a correction list for any type of plan check with your city logo.
    • Return to the plan check for re-sbumittals
    • Enter your own corrections or choose for your colleagues list of corrections.
  2. Encroachment Permits
    • Collect data for these and issue permits.
    • Schedule and track all inspections.
    • Add unlimited number of photos from inspections.
  3. Public Works Grading/Project Inspections
    • Record daily inspections for grading of any tract or commercial development.
    • Add unlimited number of photos from inspections.