Our Stormwater inspection solution has been completely redesigned.  It has been upgraded for mobile use so that inspectors can take their iPads into the field, perform inspection, take pictures while live on the database.  The inspection forms can be signed by both the inspector and the owner of the business and emailed right on the spot to the owner.  NPDES Stormwater has inspection forms for both the Orange County and Los Angeles County stormwater permits and can be easily customized for other watershed areas.

  • View all site data on one mobile screen.
  • Easy access to owner data.
  • View history of all inspections performed at that site.
  • Access this solution from your desktop or iPad.

  • Edit all site data with the tap or click of a button.
  • Editing records is as easy as using any tablet.
  • iPad data pickers are custom built into the solution.
  • Data is automatically saved after you exit a field.

  • Simple Yes/No buttons to fill out the inspection form.
  • Take pictures with your iPad and add them to the inspection.
  • Capture the facility owners signature.
  • Email the form (PDF) directly to the facility representative.